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Gintama Episode 317 Subbed

Gintama 2017 Episode 1. Watch Gintama Episode 317 in High Quality HD online on
You Are watching Gintama 2017 Series Episode 1 (317). Episode 317  in the TV Anime Series Gintama .



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  • Tsvetomir Iliev

    its over???

    • BC_Birdie

      its coming back for its last final arc
      which hopefully its just a troll that it’s the final season

  • Natsu

    One more day 🙂

  • Lazaros Charalai

    It´s here finally!!

  • man

    Why isn’t it here the countdown is done

  • koyomi12

    Where the hell is it

  • Hassan Uchiha

    Where’s the subbed version? Countdown has been at 0 for a while

  • Numlock

    Dammit still not coming out peace out time to catch up on the homework i missed waitin for it

  • JustHereForFun

    Damn, late again!

  • Nene

    guys where can I find the episode with subtitles?? Please!

    • No where.
      Its not out anywhere so just wait till it’s available and we will add it here too.

  • akshat bahuguna

    their first diss of 2017 was on saiki !!! i missed them so much

  • Baka

    i love how they started the new series with a glimpse of Gintoki’s past again, those bits always get me excited and curious!

  • Amada Pittaluga

    Oh. My. God… This is amazing!!!!!! Did Gin chan really ate corpses? Who are Gin’s parents? How did Elizabeth’s balls ended up on Gin’s head? So many questions and so little patience to wait for a week for the next episode!!!!!!

    • Himawari Asahi

      Actually he just stole food from the corpses, not literally ate them :v….

  • Natsu

    That was just. Wow.


    Next week can’t come soon enough ;0;